Holland Village News

Holland Village holds a very special place in my heart as it was the place of my growing up years from the time I was born.

Back then, my dad worked at the British military base where Science Park is today. He would cycle back and forth from our home in Lorong Liput.

Holland Village was indeed a “kampong” (village). Our home was a communal-style zinc rooftop house with 10 families sharing a kitchen, water point, bathroom and bucket-style toilet.

All we had that was our own were our dining area and a small bedroom. But we were happy even then because of the kampong spirit. Due to our close-knitted ties, I am still in touch with some of our old neighbours even till today.

Growing up in Holland Village, I have some of my most beautiful childhood moments forever etched in my memories.

Unfortunately for our community, our home had to be demolished to make way for a new HDB development in the 1970s.

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