Month: October 2019

Client’s interest or own interest?

Client’s interest or own interest? client's interest

Client’s Interest or Own Interest? There are times when a property agent has to choose between protecting a client’s interest or serving his/her own interest. I faced this dilemma recently. I brought a buyer to view a condo unit with an asking price of $1.29m. It was the lowest priced unit in the project. My buyer liked it and […]

Which Property Type Is For Me?

Which Property Type Is For Me? property types

Which Property Types Is For Me? Different Property Options and Their Implications I am often approached by young couples asking me what property types should they buy for their first property. There isn’t a definitive answer. But these would be my personal priorities: BTO flat EC Private condo Resale flat   Property Type 1: HDB Build-To-Order (BTO) Flat If […]

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