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Property Wealth Planning (PWP)™ has been helping property owners like you increase their wealth accumulation capabilities and plan for their financial future.

Join thousands of property owners who have benefited from the low-risk and systematic investment plans that PWP provides.

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danny han pwp

Danny Han has been a licensed real estate agent since 2005. He also had five years of experience as a financial consultant. The insights and knowledge he shares in his blogs are the results of years of experience in helping many of his clients in their Property Wealth Planning.

Before becoming a real estate agent, Danny was a full-time church pastor (don’t be shocked!) for 23 years. He is still actively involved in church work and preaches regularly, and he has also made six mission trips to Myanmar to date.

During this pandemic, Danny discovered a new love for hiking. He has covered most of the nature trails in Singapore, including some off the beaten track. 

Besides being an avid hiker, Danny is a passionate foodie. His motto is “walk to eat”. During his spare time, he would go with his wife to try different “CNG” (cheap and good) food. (Be sure to check out his Holland food blog on this site). 

Do feel free to drop him a Whatsapp message for a non-obligatory discussion if you plan to grow your property wealth.

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