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Holland Drive Food Centre 12 Must-Try Stalls


This is one of the stalls in the Michelin Bib Gourmand list.

Because the rice is cooked from scratched, it can take 20-30 mins during off-peak hour and 45 mins during peak hours. So you may want to call (67787808) and reserve).

It is probably the only stall in Holland Drive Food Centre that is opened at night.

Stall 02-19
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11am–1pm; Dinner 5-8pm
Closed on Wed

new lucky claypot rice
new lucky claypot rice michelin

Ru Ji Kitchen is also listed in the Michelin Guide 2019.

It is one of my favourite fish ball noodles. 

What stands out in this stall is their firm and bouncy handmade fishballs. 

Their chilli sauce also packs a punch.

Do take note they have another stall next to each other selling bak chor mee. Check out their meat balls.

Be prepared to queue because good food is worth waiting for.

Stall 02-28/29
Opening Hours: 6.30am-1.30pm
Closed on Monday

ru ji kitchen
ru ji kitchen
3 & 4. KWAY CHAP

There are two popular kway chap stalls along the same stretch at the end of the food centre. Of the two, Cheng Heng  Kway Chap and Braised Duck Rice is listed in Michelin Guide 2019.

Naturally this more famous stall has a perpetual long queue.

But I actually prefer the Blanco Court Kway Chap which has a more natural ‘kway chap taste’ to it. Cheng Heng Kway Chap, though more flavourful, has more soya sauce taste to it.

Both are great choices though. 

Cheng Heng Kway Chap Stall 02-05
Opening Hours: 6.30am-2.30pm

Blanco Court Kway Chap Stall 02-02

Opening Hours: 7am-2.30pm
Closed on Monday & Friday 

cheng heng kway chap
Michelin listed Cheng Heng Kway Chap & Braise Duck Rice
blnaco court kway chap
Blanco Court Kway Chap

There are several wanton mee stalls in Holland Drive Food Centre.

I like Yap Kee Wanton Mee the most.

What makes this stall special is their 100% egg noodle which has a very nice texture.

You should try their ‘original’ taste (dry noodle) with no chilli sauce, no ketchup, and no black sauce.

You will also enjoy a very friendly service from the stall-owner who would thank you after serving.

Stall 02-04

Opening Hours: 6am-2pm daily

yap kee egg wanton noodle
yap kee wanton noodle

Leong Wei Roasted Delight serves very affordable and tasty roast meat and duck. 

You can get a plate of char siew or roasted pork rice for only $2. A combo set is $3. With a side order of a bowl of tasteful soup for only $2.50, you have a complete meal.

There are many types of double-boiled soups to choose from at a standard price of $2.50.

The serving is generous for the price you pay for. Super good value. No wonder this stall has one of the longest lines of patrons.

Stall 02-36
Opening Hours: 11am-7pm
Closed on Thursday

best roast pork rice in holland area

There are several yong tau fu stalls in Holland Drive Food Centre.

At Fifty Yong Tau Fu, the options are minimal but they do taste good. Prices are $3 for 5 pieces, $4 for 7 pieces and $5 for 9 pieces.

Unlike most hakka yong tau foo that I have tried, they don’t use as much minced pork, and they don’t deep fried most of the items.

I am not sure if minced pork and deep frying are typical hakka style. So this is good for those who are health-conscious.

I love their bouncy meatballs which are not deep-fried. Not sure if it’s wholly pork or mixed with fish paste.

Their mee kia is the thin flat type. The texture is very delectable.

Here you don’t find the noodle flooded with chilli and sweet sauces. So some may find it a little bland, but I did find it tasty.

Stall 02-37
Opening Hours: Closed at around 2pm (or till sold out). Closed on Sunday

fifty yong tau fu
fifty year yong tau fu

In some ways, the yong tau foo at the Hakka Noodle stall is similar to Fifty Yong Tau Fu.

The textures of the noodle, no heavy use of chilli and sweet sauces and pricing are about the same. Both stalls serve generous portions.

I did find the Hakka Noodle taste a little better. I could finish the whole bowl of flavourful soup.

Hakka Noodle used more minced pork as stuffing. The noodle was also sprinkled with minced pork, just like bak chor mee. Most of their items were deep-fried.

Their chilli dip, which was a bit sourish like the Teochew style, went very well with the yong tau foo.

The only downside was the yong tau foo were not freshly fried; hence they were not as crispy as they should be. Otherwise, everything would have been perfect.

Stall 02-15
Opening Hours: Closed at around 2pm (or till sold out)

hakka yong tau foo holland drive
hakka noodle

If you are looking for delicious nasi ambeng , check out Shima’s Delight.

Breakfast menu include traditional Muslim food such as mee siam, mee rebus, mee soto, lontong and nasi lemak. All are going for $3 each.

Lunch-time queue can be long. 

There are plenty of dish choices. Prices are reasonable and portions are generous. Soak it up with gravy and go with their balachan chilli, you will have a sedaplicious meal!

Stall 02-12
Opening Hours: Closed at around 2pm (or till sold out)

shima delight
4 dishes including fish for only $5

Aini Muslim Food doesn’t have a full selection of food items but their dishes are delicious.

Ayam penyet, at only $4.50, is one of their most popular dishes. Their tahu goreng and gado gado are also must-try. One of their unique dishes is lontong goreng. 

You can also try their different goreng (stir fried) rice and noodle dishes.

Stall 02-14
Opening Hours: Closed at around 2pm (or till sold out)

aini muslim food
aini ayam penyet holland drive muslim foor

I grew up with carrot cake. Chai tow kway was my comfort food.

Here you can find the traditional old school carrot cake. You have an option of black and white style. I personally prefer the black style with dark sweet sauce. The type and amount of sauce are critical. 

What I like about this carrot cake is they cut the carrot cake into tiny pieces so that all the charred sweet flavour is wrapped around every piece. 

Some prefer the white eggy crispy style.

Stall 02-20
Opening Hours: Daily 6.30am to 1pm

holland drive carrot cake
holland drive carrot cake

If you are looking for something light, you should consider the porridge at Congee House.

The Cantonese-style porridge is smooth. With additional egg, a dash of shallot and pieces of crispy you tiao, the porridge tastes yummy.

I like the pork ball porridge best which is the cheapest at $3.

Prices start from $3 to $4.30. Egg is $0.50 more.  

Stall 02-41
Opening Hours: Daily 6.30am to 1pm

congee house holland drive food centre
holland drive congee house
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