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Holland Village Food Guide: Nakhon Kitchen

Nakhon Kitchen has about seven outlets in Singapore. The outlet in Holland Village is at 27A Lorong Liput.

Nakhon Kitchen is the go-to place for reasonably priced authentic Thai food.

Back in October 2017, Nakhon was suspended by National Environment Agency (NEA) for two weeks and accumulated 12 demerit points for rodent infestation. That incident, however, did not hurt the business of the restaurant.

You will always see a snaking queue of patrons outside the restaurant during lunch and dinner hours. The restaurant is small and has limited seating capacity.

To eat at Nakhon Kitchen, you need to be very patient. But once seated, the foods are served very fast. And the wait is worth it because the food is good. It makes you feel like you are in Thailand.

nakhon kitchen

We ordered the Phai Thai ($6), Olive fried rice ($6), green curry chicken ($8) and stirred fried pork with basil rice ($6).

nakhon kitchen
Fried Olive Rice

We liked the Pad Thai the least and the olive fried rice the most. I have yet to find good Pad Thai in Singapore and even in Thailand these days. Most are too sweet and wet for my liking. Unfortunately, the Pad Thai at Nakhon Kitchen is no exception.

nakhon kitchen
Pad Thai

I will never forget my gold-standard of Phai Thai I had many years ago in a Chiangmai hawker centre. That unforgettable taste was forever etched in my mind. So far, it has been an elusive dream in search of that holy grail of Phai Thai.

nakhon kitchen
Green Curry

The green curry chicken is one dish you must order at Nakhon Kitchen. It is rich in coconut and very flavourful. Just the curry and plain steamed rice alone would have made a great meal.

nakhon kitchen basil rice
Minced pork with basil

You can rarely go wrong with stirred fried minced pork with basil.

Other recommended dishes at Nakhon Kitchen are the Tom Yum Soup ($6) if you like it spicy and sour the Thai way.

For dessert, the traditional mango with sticky rice ($5) is superb.

nakhon kitchen

We also loved the iced Thai milk tea ($3), which tasted a little bit different from our Teh-C.

Nakhon Kitchen is a no-frill Thai restaurant. If you crave for authentic Thai street food, then you must head to Nakhon Kitchen!

Address: 27A Lorong Liput. Singapore 277738

Opening hours: 12pm-2.45pm, 5.30pm-9.45pm (closed on Wed)

My overall verdict: 4.25/5

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Danny Han is a licensed property agent since 2005.

As a kampong (village) boy growing up in Holland Village, he has so many fond memories. He grew up with pigsty (yuk!), cemetery, swamp and communal-living (with 10 families under one roof). His childhood games were gasing (spinning top), marbles, kites, spider-fighting and tree-climbing. An open-air cinema was his source of entertainment. 7th-month Hungry Ghost wayang (Chinese opera) and getai (concert) was a once-a-year event that brought the entire village together.

What Danny is passionate about is not just about showing clients properties around Holland Village, but also enjoys sharing anecdotes and nuggets of information that are part of his growing up years.

Danny is an avid hiker and passionate foodie. He has covered most of the nature trails in Singapore, including some that are off the beaten track. Living up to his motto, “walk to eat,” he enjoys going out with his wife, a retired academician, on a food hunt across the island. He also has some foodie kakis who mix work with food. They then share their gastronomic experiences through food blogs. So do watch out, because every time he shows you a property, he will tell you what is the best food nearby!

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